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Introducing the Acuity CONSTELLATION

The CTPM Model

The Acuity Constellation defines the market landscape and positions vendors in one of four categories based on Acuity’s proprietary CTPM quadrant-based, visual modeling tool. The CTPM model is based on two multi-faceted indices that evaluate Performance along the X-axis and Market Position along the Y-axis.

✓ The CTPM Performance index© is a quantitative assessment based on Key Performance Metrics (KPMs) that indicate the level of overall performance success such as revenue and growth rates, certifications, and market footprint.

✓ The CTPM Market Position Index© is a qualitative assessment based on Key Market Position Metrics (KMPMs) that indicate the effectiveness of carving out, communicating, and differentiating a defensible market position.

KPMs and KMPMs are defined for each market analyzed by the Constellation Model.

Using the final Performance Index and Market Position Index values, the CTPM quadrant-based, visual tool locates a vendor’s competitive position within one of the following four categories: Contenders, Trailblazers, Players, Movers.

The Constellation analysis is completed in five steps:

For an example of the Constellation in action - preview and purchase “Face Verification and Liveness for Remote Digital Onboarding

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