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New NEC White Paper Details Digital Transformation at the Airport

March 13, 2023


"The White Paper also includes global market forecasts concerning the air travel industry from Acuity Market Intelligence, in partnership with FindBiometrics; and the “Biometric Digital ID Prism”, an infographic laying out the major industry players and their position in a forward-looking identity ecosystem."


Rebounding air passenger numbers drive biometric gate and digital ID app expansions Copy

March 8, 2023

Biometric Update

"Biometric e-gates at airports have been deployed at 250 airports in 100 countries around the world, according to the latest report from Acuity Market Intelligence.

The deployments include over 3,600 automated border control gates, and roughly half that number of biometric boarding gates and ‘FacePods’ are operating in 80-plus locations.

Acuity has produced reports on biometric touchpoint pricing, Automated Border Control gate deployments, and deployments for biometric boarding. The three reports can also be purchased as a bundle."


The Biometric Digital Identity Prism by Acuity Market Intelligence and FindBiometrics Copy Copy

February 27, 2023


"On February 15, 2023, FindBiometrics hosted “The Road Ahead for Biometrics and Digital Identity” Virtual Summit — a full day of online panels and interview style sessions about the hottest topics and markets in the biometrics and identity industries. From healthcare and financial services, to travel and hospitality, to privacy and biometric myth-busting, our digital event is curated to educate, inform, and motivate.

It also served as the official launch of FindBiometrics and Acuity Market Intelligence’s Biometrics and Digital Identity Prism: a living document representing the digital identity market landscape."


Claims about biometrics accuracy raise questions but get repeated

December 8, 2022

Biometric Update

"Acuity Market Intelligence Principal Analyst and Chief Strategist Maxine Most responded on LinkedIn with direct responses to four criticisms from Schuman. Most points out that there are ways to preserve privacy while using the cloud, and that templates can be revoked or canceled, among methods of mitigating biometric data theft.

“This POST perpetuates a series of debunked #biometric myths,” Most writes. “Like every other #security #technology, it’s not the failure of the technology but the failure of the implementation that is at issue. . Poor implementations of biometrics work poorly Good implementations of biometrics work well.”



What FPC’s ‘Strained Situation’ Can Tell Us About the Future of Fingerprint Sensors

November 2, 2022


"To Acuity Market Intelligence‘s Maxine Most, Fingerprint Cards itself gets some of the blame for exposing itself so heavily to the decisions of the CCP.

“I sort of think it’s shocking that any company operating in the Western world would be relying on China for the majority of their business,” she said, though she went on to acknowledge that China, together with India, may be where most of the world’s smartphone sensors end up being used. “So I understand it on some level,” she added.."

Press Mentions

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