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Acuity warns identity verification providers of scaling pressure

November 24, 2021

Biometric Update

"The accelerative impact of the COVID pandemic on the identity verification market is akin to a ‘Rogue Wave,’ Acuity Market Intelligence Principal Analyst and Chief Strategist Maxine Most writes"


Maxine Most Warns About Rough Waters Ahead for Surging IDV Marketplace

November 19, 2021


"Maxine Most is warning that the surging identity verification (IDV) market could prove to be a mixed blessing for many technology providers. Most is the Principal Analyst for Acuity Market Intelligence, and has previously described the recent flurry of IDV investment as a Tornado that is lifting every player in the market.."


ETF launches for biometrics firms and others building cashless payment infrastructure

November 12, 2021

Biometric Update

"The story quotes Deutsche Bank research predicting that the number of people carrying digital wallets will increase from 2.3 billion in 2020 to 4 billion globally by 2024. Acuity’s Maxine Most has predicted biometrics investment this year will reach $3 billion."


Acuity Principal Most predicts $3B in biometrics investment in 2021

September 29, 2021

Biometric Update

“The growing wave of investment in biometrics and identity verification has major implications for how technology providers in the space should be going to market, which were explored in a recent presentation by Acuity Market Intelligence Principal Analyst Maxine Most, just as Nametag, Basis ID and Legal Bricks joined or moved further into the biometric onboarding market."


TOMORROW: A Crucial Security-focused Event for Corporate Decision Makers

September 21, 2021


"At the Enterprise Biometrics Online Summit, expert analysts will be on hand to assess these trends. Jeremy Grant, the coordinator of the Better Identity Coalition will set the stage for the day with an opening keynote about identity in the pandemic era, Acuity Market Intelligence Principal Analyst Maxine Most will deliver part two of the ‘Harnessing the Tornado’ presentation she delivered at the FindBiometrics Identity Summit, and Frost and Sullivan Security Analyst Danielle VanZandt will discuss the state of logical access security in the workplace."

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