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Clear Conquered U.S. Airports. Now It Wants to Own Your Entire Digital Identity

October 2020


Clear’s vision for its fingerprint, iris-scanning, and facial recognition business goes beyond kiosks in airports or sports areas — it wants to be a holistic identity verification platform, covering more intimate moments in our everyday lives.


September 7, 2020

Biometric Update

Maxine Most of Acuity Market Intelligence noted that “banning technology’s like banning books; you just can’t do it. The cat is out of the bag,” and advocated for expanded public-private partnerships to build standards to address concerns.


ID Evolution Month: The Rise of the Selfie

April 3, 2020


As soon as 2016, Acuity Market Intelligence was estimating that there were 750 million smartphones on the market featuring biometric technology – largely in the form of fingerprint sensors – and by the end of the next year, fingerprint sensors were considered a more or less standard feature on mid-range and premium smartphones. For Acuity’s part, the renowned market research firm predicted in its 2016 report that 100 percent of all smartphones shipped in 2018 would have biometric technology – and then another big move from Apple prompted a mainstream modality shift that changed everything.


Pandemic Will Spur Biometric Innovation Comparable to Post-9/11 Period: Acuity

March 30, 2020


“The pandemic experience will fundamentally reshape the way business is conducted on a global scale,” writes renowned industry analyst Maxine Most in a new blog post from Acuity Market Intelligence. The post is Most’s take on the bigger trends that are taking shape as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with digital identity and biometrics poised to play a key role going forward.


Answers needed to questions about biometric data in unattended retail

March 4, 2020

Kiosk Marketplace

Biometric identification holds a lot of promise for unattended retail, but the debate over what companies should do to protect customers' personal privacy has only begun. How soon the unattended retail industry will be able to use the technology's benefits, such as allowing customers to place and pay for orders in seconds, remains uncertain.


Recent Airport Facial Recognition Initiatives in Asia, North America, and Europe Reflect the Acceleration of Biometrics Beyond Border Control

Biometric Border Innovation Spreads Across the Globe; 4800+ Automated Border Control eGates and Passport Control Kiosks Deployed in 73 Countries

Automated Border Control Kiosks Reach 71% CAGR Over Four Years with 71 Installations at 59 International Airports and Cruise Terminals

Biometrics in The Cloud to Authenticate More Than One Trillion Transactions Annually by 2022

Biometrics in The Cloud; the Future of Financial Services Authentication


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