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The Biometric Digital Identity Prism has Arrived!

Biometric digital identity is no longer a novelty. As the mounting fraud crisis around the globe continues, users the world over are seeking to take control of their privacy, and public and private organizations are looking to strike a balance between premium user experiences and advanced operational efficiency. Biometric digital identity has emerged as the best solution to the problem of moving people across digital and physical spaces safely, securely, and intuitively.

It is within this context that The Biometric Digital Identity Prism, an innovative market landscape framework, unexpectedly emerged from a research collaboration between Acuity Market Intelligence and FindBiometrics.

Sharing Our Prismatic Vision

In the winter of 2023, Acuity and FindBiometrics debuted a proof-of-concept Prism graphic. It instantly became the most shared asset in our history, receiving over 50,000 impressions within weeks.

We have now developed that proof-of-concept into a robust Prism framework which will serve as the foundation for ongoing Acuity and FindBiometrics market research and analysis. The Prism is the lens through which we will assess our rapidly evolving industry.

As industry advocates and evangelists of human identity, Acuity and FindBiometrics.hope to leverage the Prism framework to level-up constructive and collaborative discussions among identity industry players and the relying parties with stakes in the growth of this industry. Let’s take a look at the Prism framework and how it is used to position market sectors and vendors in the rapidly evolving Biometric Digital Identity ecosystem.

The Biometric Digital Identity Prism Beams

The biometric digital identity ecosystem is reflected in the proprietary Prism model. The model conceptualized components of the emerging reality of identity in a digitized world as the beams of a prism.

Evaluating Vendors Within Prism Beams

Vendors are placed within the appropriate Prism Beam and then assessed on the following six criteria:

  • Growth & Resources

  • Market Presence

  • Proof Points

  • Unique Positioning

  • Business Model & Strategy

  • Proprietary vs Integrated Biometrics

  • X-Factor (Beam Specific)

We visualize this assessment as a Prism Evaluation Chart: an easy-to-read graphic representation of a vendor’s current activity, resources, and abilities.

The evaluation score reflects each vendor's level of maturity or proficiency and places them in one of the following three categories:

Pulsar - Pulsars are the bright upstarts and pivoting legacy vendors prioritizing the crucial elements of biometric digital identity. Startups with promising technology or established names with a proven aptitude for adapting to the new identity ecosystem, Pulsars have strong potential to influence the Prism landscape.

Catalyst - Catalysts are established disruptors, innovators, and agents of acceleration. With high proficiency in certain areas of assessment, Catalysts are often one step away from ascending to Luminary status, whether it's through an acquisition, a technological innovation, or an injection of resources.

Luminary - Luminaries are the guiding lights of their industry segment. They show the highest level of proficiency in their beam and are often responsible for setting trends in their fields.

Refractors and the Big 3

The center of the Prism is anchored by the Big 3 of Identity – IDEMIA, Thales, and NEC. These companies, due to their size, global footprint, proven expertise, partner networks, and robust portfolios, have a definitive role in the biometric digital identity landscape. This role is that of a Refractor: it is through their initiatives that the industry is viewed.

As the market evolves through acquisition, development, regulation, and innovation, the Refractor position may grow or diminish. Luminaries in Big Tech and the Identity Platform beams are best positioned to ascend to Refractor status. Meanwhile, the impending sale of IDEMIA’s identity solutions portfolio will likely shift its buyer into the center of the Prism.

The Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report

The outgrowth of this analysis framework is the first entry in an ongoing research collaboration between Acuity and FindBiometrics aimed at providing education and strategic guidance for influencers and decision-makers seeking to understand, implement, and innovate digital identity technologies, with a specific focus on the financial services, healthcare, government, and travel & hospitality sectors. In this report, you will find:

  • Evolutionary trends influencing the biometric digital identity market.

  • Strategic guidance for vendors seeking to capitalize on opportunities in the biometric identity space.

  • Key differentiators to help plan a digital identity roadmap for your organization.

  • The advanced Biometric Digital Identity Prism market landscape visualization.

  • Assessments and profiles for vendors included on the Biometric Digital Identity Prism.

Prism Report Vendors

The following Vendors are mentioned in the initial Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report:

1Kosmos, 1Password, 3DiVi Inc., Alcatraz AI, Alice Biometrics, Allthenticate,Alphabet Inc. Amadeus, Amazon, Anonybit, Apple, Armatura, Asignio, AU10TIX, AuthenticID, authID, Auth0 by Okta , Aware, Inc., Ayonix pty ltd, Beyond Identity, BioCatch, BioID GmbH, CLEAR (, Clearview AI, Cognitec Systems, Collins Aerospace, Credence ID, Daltrey, Daon, Duo Security (Owned by Cisco), Entrust, Evernym (an Avast company), Facephi, FaceTec, Inc., ForgeRock, Fujitsu, GBG Plc, HID, Humanode, Hummingbirds AI, HYPR | The Passwordless Company™, IBM, ID R&D (owned by MiteK,), IDEMIA, IDmission, IDnow,IDology (formally Acuant), ID-Pal, Incode Technologies, IN Groupe, Innovatrics, iProov, Iris ID Systems Inc, Jumio Corporation Leidos Meta Microsoft Mitek Systems, NEC Corporation, NextgenID, nok nok, IDVerse - An OCR Labs Company, Okta,Ondato OneLogin by One Identity, Onfido, Oosto, Oracle, PANGIAM, PaniniParavision, Persona, Pindrop, Ping Identity Plaid, PresentID,Private Identity Prove, PXL Vision, Rank One Computing, Regula, Ripple SailPoint, secunet Security Networks AG, shuftipro, SITA, Smile Identity, Socure, Stytch, TECH5, Thales, The Whisper Company, TraitWare®, Transmit Security, Trinsic, Trust Stamp, Trulioo, Trusona, Trustmatic, Veratad Technologies, Veridas, Veriff, Vision-Box, VisionLabs, Wicket, Yoti, Yubico.

Prism Report Preview

Please Preview the Prsim Report And; if you would like to participate in and or sponsor the Biometric Digital Identity Prism, Please contact and get involved with our research efforts.


C. Maxine Most is the Principal and Founder of Acuity Market Intelligence, an emerging technology strategy and research consultancy with a proven record of accurately anticipating biometric and digital identity market trends. Follow Maxine on twitter @cmaxmost.

Contact: Acuity Market Intelligence +1 303 449 1897,

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