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The Global Biometrics and Mobility Report: 
The Convergence of Commerce and Privacy

Published - August 2017


"Mobility is the driving force that will unleash the long awaited biometric revolution!" 

Acuity projects that by 2022 global mobile biometric market revenues will reach $50.6 billion annually. This includes 2.7 billion biometrically enabled smart mobile devices generating $3.1 billion in biometric sensor revenue annually, 16.7 billion biometric app downloads generating $29.2 billion in annual revenues from direct purchase and software development fees, and 1.37 trillion biometrically secured payment and non-payment transactions generating $18.3 billion in annual authentication fees. 


Acuity segments the mobile biometrics into three major sectors: 

  • Biometric Sensors embedded in smart mobile devices: smart phones, tablets, and wearables. 
  • Biometric Apps offered by biometric vendors, or mobile service providers such as banks, payment processors, retailers, or online identity providers, downloaded to smart devices.
  • Biometric Authentication for payment and non-payment transactions provided via secure cloud-based services linked to smart device Biometric Apps. 


The Global Biometrics and Mobility Report: The Convergence of Commerce and Privacy includes more than 250 charts and tables that provide detailed unit and revenue forecasts for biometric smart devices, biometric apps, and biometrically authenticated transactions for 2016 to 2022 globally and by region, by device type, and for payment and non-payment transactions.

The Global Biometrics and Mobility Report


The report is delivered in in PDF format

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