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The Future of Biometrics (2009)

Market Analysis, Segmentation & Forecasts

Insight into the Trends, Drivers & Opportunities that will Shape the Industry through 2020 includes detailed market forecast 2009—2017


Acuity's 2009 edition of the original report on the biometrics marketplace. The forecasts are dated but get a glimpse into Acuity's uncanny insight into how the biometrics market would evolve. 




This report presents unique insight into how the biometrics market will evolve through 2020, what will drive and shape this market evolution, and where the most lucrative biometric market opportunities will be. This report is not a biometric primer or a comprehensive overview of the industry. It is an advanced strategic market analysis that requires a basic understanding of the biometrics industry and associated market dynamics and technologies. The report is presented in two parts. Part One contains the strategic analysis and Part Two provides detailed market segmentation and market-based forecasts for 2009 through 2017.


Over the next ten years the infrastructure to enable mainstream, ubiquitous biometric authenti- cation will be developed. Biometrics will be a fundamental embedded component of the digital world, as it becomes a key enabler of trusted transaction control – data access and flow - for personal, commercial, and government use. This trusted transaction capability will ultimately define the genuine opportunity for revenue associated with deployment of biometric technologies. The technology itself will, in many respects, become inconsequential as the applications it delivers become essential components of twenty-first century life.

The Future of Biometrics (2009)


The report is delivered in PDF format

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