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A new paradigm for understanding the emerging digital identity ecosystem.


Shining a New Light on Digital Identity - The Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report is a market landscape framework from Acuity Market Intelligence and FindBiometrics. The aim of this ongoing research program is to help influencers and decision makers understand, innovate, and implement digital identity technologies.​


The Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report features:

  • Evolutionary trends influencing the biometric digital identity market.

  • Strategic guidance for vendors seeking to capitalize on opportunities in the biometric identity space.

  • Key differentiators to help plan a digital identity roadmap for your organization.

  • The advanced Biometric Digital Identity Prism market landscape reference model.

  • Assessments and profiles for vendors included on the Biometric Digital Identity Prism.


Report Sponsors:    Facetec, Incode,  Keyless, AuthenticID, Aware, iiDENTIFii, 1Kosmos, Anonybit, Asignio, AuthID, Entrust, ID R&D, Paravision, Tech5, VeriDas, Wicket, BioID, IDEMIA, IDMission, Innovatrics, Integrated Biometrics, iProov, NEC, Trsutmatic, Veratad.


Plus 50 additional companies placed on the Prism  Landscape. 

The Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report

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