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A new paradigm for understanding the emerging digital identity ecosystem.


Shining a New Light on Digital Identity -  The Biometric Digital Identity Financial Services Prism Report is a market landscape framework presented by The Prism Project —a collaborative, living research program from Acuity Market Intelligence and FindBiometrics. The report is designed to help plan a digital identity roadmap for your organization.


This is a preview of the report. In the full Financial Services Prism Report, you will find:

  • An analysis of the evolutionary trends driving the biometric digital identity financial services market.
  • Identification of critical challenges and highest pain-point problems facing the industry
  • Corresponding key opportunities and obstacles for deploying biometric digital identity in financial services.
  • Market forecasts and Vendor Use Cases that demonstrate real-world examples of how biometric digital identity is being used in the financial services arena today,  
  • Strategic guidance for vendors and financial service providers seeking to capitalize on opportunities in the biometric identity space.

  • The advanced Biometric Digital Identity Prism landscape reference model customized for Financial Services.

  • Assessments of all vendors included on the Biometric Digital Identity Financial Services Prism.


Our aim is to help influencers and decision-makers understand, innovate, evalutate, and implement digital identity technologies in the financial services sector. 


The Biometric Digital Identity Financial Services Prism Report

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