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Publication Date - September 2017


Financial service organizations that want to reap the benefits of the digital revolution to improve security, lower costs, and attract the most desirable customers, will adopt Biometrics in the Cloud as the foundation for enhancing and securing the customer journey.


  • In the new financial services marketplace innovation, agility, immediacy and technology-driven hi-touch responsiveness are transforming consumer expectations. 

  • As mobile and digital financial service solutions fail the test of consumer expectations, a new “identity-centric” paradigm is needed. One that will unleash the power of FinTech innovation by recognizing an individual - not just a device - on the other end of a request for information, money, credit, or any financial service. 

  • Only Cloud-based biometrics can move beyond secrets and device-based Approximations of Identity and deliver Unique Verifiable Identity, seamlessly linking an individual to their digital self.

Taming the Authentication Beast: Simplifying and Enhancing the Customer Journey

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