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Check out Acuity’s “ABC eGate Deployment List”. This list -- presented in spreadsheet format -- provides details for each known eGate deployment including the number of eGates, locations, installation date, vendors, what type of biometrics are used, what kind of token --if any -- is used, who qualifies, is registration required, etc., as well as vendor market share information.


According to Acuity’s December 2019 count, there are more than 3500 ABC eGates currently operating at more than 200 locations in 80+ countries. Asia is home to 45.7% of all eGates followed by Europe with 33.5% of total units worldwide. 


Acuity expects a modest 10% installed base CAGR for ABC eGates through 2025. However, many eGates will be upgraded and replaced so annual units deployed will likely be close to 20% of the installed base.

Automated Border Control (ABC) eGate Deployment List