Check out Acuity’s “APC Kiosk Deployment List”. This list -- presented in spreadsheet format -- provides details for each known deployment including the number of kiosks, locations, installation date, vendors, costs, etc., as well as vendor market share information.


According to Acuity’s December 2019 count, there are more than 2,500 operational APC kiosks located in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Europe, and the Pacific. This includes deployments at 80+ locations inclduing airport locations, cruise ports, a land border, and on a daily ferry.


APC programs are dominated by the US Customs and Border Control Automated Passport Control (APC) Kiosk program and Canada's Automated Border Control (ABC) and Primary Inspection Kiosk (PIK) programs.


APC Kiosks enable travelers to self-process immigration and biometric information prior to reaching passport control. This automation has decreased international arrival and pre-clearance border control wait times at airprots that have deployed them by by as much as 80%.


The number of Automated Passport Control (APC) Kiosks nearly doubled between 2015 and 2017 from 1243 to 2300. The Installed base is expected to increase by 30% by 2023. Deployments are growing in the US and the Caribbean, Canada is substantially expanding its current program with next generation kiosks while phasing out existing units, and the APC Kiosk approach is now taking hold in Europe and the Middle East.

Automated Passport Control (APC) Kiosk Deployment List


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